I believe working with children early gives them the skills they need to grow up as healthy individuals. As a clinical social worker, I have spent most of my career working in schools with children from preschool through grade 12.  Throughout my time working with children and adolescents, I have noticed the earlier children are able to learn the skills to cope with difficult situations the better equipped they are to tackle life’s challenges.


My name is Drew Singeisen and I am a licensed clinical social worker with a Master of Clinical Social Work from the US. I moved to Munich in 2014 and have been counseling young people through the international school system and private practice, along with my colleague, Jennelle Liljestrand. I originally am from Chicago where I studied Clinical Social Work at Loyola University Chicago.  I work using a strengths-based approach and use the cognitive-behavioral theory as a framework for working with individuals as well as providing EMDR for clients who have experienced adverse life experiences.